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The Underestimated Potential of Cannabis and Hemp

The potential of hemp

for millennia

We believe in the Potential of hemp. We believe that we can give our everyday life and that of our fellow human beings even more lightness, serenity and well-being. We believe in honest, untreated and 100% natural products. Not only us - also the gods over 5000 years ago. Already thousands of years ago the cultivation of hemp was known and documented in literature. According to sources, the cultivation and processing for the most diverse purposes was primarily a matter for women and female precision work.

Divine - Cannabis


The multicultural all-rounder called cannabis (lat.=hemp) had already fulfilled countless purposes at that time - from useful plants to medicinal plants - from Europe to America to Asia - from Christianity to Hinduism. Even in ancient Europe in pre-Christian times, hemp was used for healing and to combat suffering. To be more specific: In the Germanic part hemp was a symbol for fertility and health, consumed and transported by the Germanic love goddess Freya.

2018 - The Resurrection

the hemp goddess

HEMP GODDESS CBD OIL stands in honour of divine wisdom - for body awareness & well-being - for the unstoppable power of a plant that has been underestimated and suppressed for far too long - for the coming hemp renaissance of the next decades and for pure 100% natural hemp extracts from conscientious production, with which we want to do something good for you.

Revived in the heart of Munich, cultivated and produced by the finest hemp farmers in Europe.

Voices & CBD oil testimonials - what customers say about HANFGÖTTIN

Effect on sleep

Daniela R. from Ebersberg

[...] After about two weeks of taking your CBD oil I can say for myself that it really improved my sleep in my opinion...I will order your oil again and try the 10% for myself [...] -> Read full CBD field report here

Hand oil for learning stress

Julia F. from Cologne

[...] But after regularly taking the drops while working on my final paper - I actually felt a big effect. Focus was sharpened and concentration maintained. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

CBD for better skin

Maria B. from Munich

[...] Super product, which not only looks chic on the bedside table, but also helps. Especially when I'm sleeping through. In addition, my skin appearance has clearly refined. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

CBD Oil for Yoga

Anja M. Yoga teacher from Munich

[...] 'Hemp Goddess' is for me the perfect support in my active and adventurous everyday life. Due to a heart defect, I often have to struggle with circulatory problems and the associated restlessness, nervousness and abdominal discomfort. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

CBD oil for the most beloved dog

Thomas O. from Bad Hersfeld

[...] But what struck us was that after a few minutes she went into a totally relaxed (and also very funny) lying position and slept for a while. So the CBD oil seemed to have at least a very calming effect. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

Cannabidiol by Hashimoto

Tobias G. from Ravensburg

[...] Helps me a lot to relieve the symptoms of my thyroid disease (Hashimoto). After taking the product for about 3-4 days, my muscle twitching, for example, improved enormously. I'm thrilled! And so Team HANFGÖTTIN! […] –> Read full CBD field report here

Cannabis After Stroke Fate

Marlene M. from Welver

[...]The effect of the oil is really convincing for me and moves me to support and spread the whole thing even more. In February I am sick for 4 years - AND for the first time I feel self-determined again.[...] -> Read full CBD field report here

CBD at Crossfit Training

Marco B. from Munich

[...] Friendly company, sensational product! Can only recommend it to anyone interested in CBD. Our CBD products for Crossfit EO Munich we obtain from the Hanfgöttin in Munich. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

In PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Marsha Mallow

[...] In my search for high-quality CBD oil, I came across the goddess of hemp. The presentation & information on the homepage appealed to me and that it is also a Munich company, was sympathetic. […] –> Further information on CBD oil for pain

As a natural sleeping alternative

John M. from Magdeburg

[...] Super product that has been helping me sleep better for some time now. Can the hemp goddess recommend anyone who is looking for a natural alternative to sleeping pills and the like. I'm sleepier in the morning and just feel good with it. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

For menstrutation complaints

Dilan from Munich

[...] Whether after a stressful day, strained nerves or menstrual cramps, the CBD oil has a relaxing and gentle effect on me. […] –> Read full CBD field report here

Against sleep disorders

KP from Munich

[...]I tried the version myself with 5 percent and was very impressed. I've suffered from severe sleep disorders before. These are completely gone with the CBD oil from Hanfgöttin. I can finally sleep through it again [...] -> Read full CBD field report here

From hemp to CBD oil - What you need to know

Hemp ( = Cannabis lat.) consists of more than 100 natural ingredients. These ingredients are called cannabinoids. One of the most important cannabinoids is the so-called CBD = Cannabidiol.

Our hemp oil is extracted from so-called hemp. Production follows a precise extraction process. Simplified spoken: A separation of substances. The cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) is dissolved from the hemp in a particularly gentle way and then mixed with high-quality hemp seed oil and individually dosed (5-,10-,20 %). We use state-of-the-art CO2 extraction to achieve a particularly pure cannabidiol extract.

The active ingredient of the cannabis plant is gently extracted using carbon. This can be seen and tasted in the exceptionally clear cannabis oil from HANFGÖTTIN. For our CBD extracts we only use hemp varieties which comply with the legal guidelines and the EU standard. The THC content must not exceed a limit of 0.2%.

What is CBD? Hemp goddess clears up

At the Abbreviation CBD refers to cannabidiol.a natural active ingredient derived from the hemp plant.

CBD belongs beside THC to the two most dominant cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The significant difference lies in the effect. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.. There is therefore no noise and the so-called "high" state is not present.
The progress in cannabis breeding is now such that certain cannabis plant varieties have ever higher CBD concentrations and hardly any THC content.

Cannabis oil with CBD concentration is allowed in most European countries and in the EU useful hemp plants are legally cultivated. The valuable CBD extract added to hemp seed oil comes from the flowers, leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant. The CBD extraction of HANFGÖTTIN is carried out by gentle CO2 extractions, where one of the purest CBD oils on the market can be obtained by conscientious separation of substances.

How to take hemp goddess CBD correctly - The hemp oil 1×1

How to take CBD oil from hemp goddessin properly


Hemp goddess hemp oil is best taken directly through the mouth. The CBD oil activates your cannabinoid receptors in the body via the mucous membranes.


Try to keep the cannabis oil in the mouth as long as possible to promote the best possible effects on intake. Tip: Drip the oil under your tongue so that it automatically stays longer in your mouth.

  • 100% NATURAL


5% - 2 x daily 10 drops, 10% - 2 x daily 4 drops 20% - 2 x daily 2 drops
You can adjust your personal dosage according to your condition and tolerance. You should not exceed the maximum daily dose (30 drops).

Hemp Goddess Cannabis Oil Dosages at a Glance

The difference between CBD and THC

Hemp is still perceived by most people as an intoxicant. HANFGÖTTIN wants to fundamentally change and enlighten the consciousness. If the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of the hemp plant is less than or equal to 0.2%, hemp has no psychoactive effect on the human body.

HANFGÖTTIN cannabis oil has minimal THC content, which is below the legal limit in Germany - but our hand-processed hemp contains a very high percentage of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the substance to which a multitude of positive effects on the body are attributed.

How does CBD help and support oil?

In accordance with a large number of studiescannabidiol can have a positive effect on the human body and its bodily functions.

Previous research results show that the medical effect of cannabidiol has been countless. illnesses and many medical potentials still seem to be far from exhausted. Since CBD is not a foreign substance for our body, but our body itself produces natural cannabinoids, an intake of additional cannabinoids can have a positive effect on our endocannabinoid system.

Our natural endogenous cannabinoids

To put it quite simply. There is no other natural cannabinoid source known except the cannabis plant and our own body. Looking at the central nervous system in our body, each of us produces our own cannbinoids. These continuously unfold their natural effect and activate our defences like a protective shield against other harmful cells.

When cannabidiol is supplied to the body by means of cannabis oil, nerve cells secrete substances which are used in the body for healing, pain relief and strengthening of the immune system. It is precisely this process that makes the cannabis plant so interesting for possible medical applications.

CBD receptors in our Endocannabiod system

The endocannabinoid system is a network of countless receptors that are present throughout the body.
The two main receptors are called CB1 (cannabinoid receptor 1) and CB2 (cannabinoid receptor 2), i.e. transmitter and receiver of messenger substances. Both receptors are activated by CBD oil.

CB1 receptors are responsible for controlling the central nervous system. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are responsible for the immune system. Both the nervous system and the immune system are important regulatory systems in our body that regulate our state of health. Taking CBD can positively influence CB receptors in terms of health, general well-being and pain relief.